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[CENTER][CENTER][CENTER][SIZE=1]This server advertisement is currently under development and will be updated further over the coming days.[/SIZE]


[URL="https://discord.gg/8ngf7h3"]Join Discord[/URL]

[URL="https://www.dropbox.com/s/xkan9utazieyel9/Elysian0.1.jar?dl=1"]Download Client[/URL]

[COLOR="#696969"]Server forums are in development and will be release during the Beta stages.


[COLOR="#FFFF00"]Video Competition: The first 3 people to make a server showcase video will recieve a 10$ Donator Scroll and a Mystery Box![/COLOR]

[COLOR="#FF0000"][COLOR="#A9A9A9"][COLOR="#A9A9A9"][CENTER]Welcome to Elysian!

Elysian is currently undergoing the Alpha stages of development. We are opening our doors because we believe this allows us to build a fun and exciting experience based on direct real-time feedback.

I/m happy to announce that there will be no resets at all unless a bug should occur causing one![/CENTER][/COLOR]

So to get started, let me tell you about relics. 

Elysian currently has 4 main relics to obtain and activate. Each relic will give you a fantastic buff to your in-game experience and they are totally worth grinding for! 

  • [COLOR="#FF0000"]Relic of Fortune[/COLOR]: 25% Increased Drop Rate

  • [COLOR="#FF0000"]Relic of the Assigned[/COLOR]: 30% Damage increase on Slayer Tasks

  • [COLOR="#FF0000"]Relic of the Gods[/COLOR]: Restore 20 Prayer Points for each bone you bury

  • [COLOR="#FF0000"]Relic of Efficiency[/COLOR]: Permanent 2x Experience Rate

[SPOILER=Relic Video]


Elysian is primarily OSRS based but we like to use the term /Semi-Custom/, this means that whilst we do have some custom and unique content, we do not go as far to bring you insane items like /Flame Torva/ etc. We have upgraded versions of current items to help prolong game-play and allow us to experiment more when it comes to developing new boss encounters and mini-games. An example of this would be the Vorkath infused /Twisted Bow (v)/. This is relatively the same as the normal twisted bow, however it provided immunity to dragon-fire and a 5% damage buff against dragons and respective types (Wyverns, Living Wyverns). Here/s a little picture of what it looks like.

[SPOILER=Twisted Bow (v)][/SPOILER][/CENTER]

Our goal is to be different and more unique than most other servers. We base ourselves on Project Insanity because of the sheer amount of customization that comes with ease, allowing us to constantly keep you entertained and bring you something big and new at least every week. When I previously said we are /Semi-Custom/, that means that some of our boss encounters, though they may look familiar, have completely unique mechanics, such as our Wilderness Champions, specifically /Derwen/.


We are currently running full 179 data which means we have all content up to date fully with OSRS. We are working very hard to bring you a frightful encounter with the Alchemical Hydra, but in the mean-time, you can take on any of the Karuulum Slayer creatures providing you have the required slayer level. The Drakes, Wyrms and Hydras all have a lovely and generous drop table, especially handy for those Ironmen out there!

[SPOILER=Alchemical Hydra - WIP][/SPOILER]

We appreciate everything the players do for us, so we try our best to reward you where possible and we/re happy to say we/ve just introduced our Discord "Nitrobooster" rank in game. Nitroboosting our discord will get you a unique chat badge and a unique pet. The pet grants a 3% Drop rate bonus and a 20% Skilling EXP bonus in most gathering skills. Take a look at it! 


I can understand that some of you may be studying or spending time with those needy girlfriends, so if you can/t play as much as others, I don/t want to leave you behind! That/s why we have introduced the AFK tree at home and a respective store. The experience and store prices have been balanced so you can AFK till your hearts content and make up a little lost time when doing other things, like sleeping! 

Well, what are you waiting for? Come say Hi and feel more than free to make some suggestions, this server is about YOU![/CENTER][/COLOR][/COLOR]

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